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Can I order Divon furniture online?
Divon furniture is sold exclusively through our dealers. Please go to the where to buy section of the site on and locate a dealer near you.

How do I find out what the price are?
The pricing policy is set by each dealer individually.

Is Divon quality compromised by the fact that the furniture comes apart?
Out frames feature steel structure and are bolted together; as a result, they are more durable than the standard kind. Please go to the quality page and see the details of our product construction and warranties.

Will the furniture I buy really fit through a very narrow doorway or stairway?
Absolutely. Your dealer will be able to easily take the furniture apart and bring it into any space. Just make sure to measure the room and verify that the items you are planning to buy will properly fit the designated area.

Can I take the furniture apart myself?
Theoretically - yes. But we do not recommend it. The re-assembly process does require some special tools and know-how and was primarily designed for professional installations.

I am interested in a sectional, but am having a hard time understanding which specific pieces I need to order and am further confused by the 'Left Arm' and 'Right Arm' terminology.
Please go to the sectional page and see the detailed explanation on sectional terminology and room design approach.

Can I order furniture in colors not shown on the site? Can I supply my own fabric and have the furniture made from it?
The answer is 'yes' to both questions. Please see the special orders page and read all about custom options available on our products.

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