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All Divon furniture models can be purchased “as is” – the way they appear in the photographs or as “special order” – in other Divon fabrics of as “COM” (customer own materials). Sectionals are always “special order.” Our dealers have all Divon fabrics on their floors and can assist customers in making appropriate fabric choices.

Our products are all named as follows: 000-00 (for example 451-01). The digits before the dash denote a style, while the digits after the dash – a specific model in a particular fabric and color, etc. When placing a “special order,” the digits after the dash should be replaced with the letters “CU”. So for example, you will order 224-01 when you want it exactly as photographed, but 224-CU when you wish to specify other fabrics and decorations.

The two types of orders differ in terms of lead times:
“as is” orders – within 10 work days after order confirmation.
“special orders” – within 20 work days after order confirmation.

In addition to special orders on furniture, we also sell accessories such as toss pillows. Below are the various throw pillow types that are available.

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